p-ISSN 2083-389x   e-ISSN 2084-3127


Aided spatial hearing: electroacoustic and perceptual considerations

Todd Fortune, Andrew Dittberner, Fredrik Gran

JHS 2011; 1(2): EA60-62

ID: 882063


An electroacoustic investigation of aided ILDs and ITDs has been performed, using products that emphasize spatial cue signal processing. Two distinct audiograms and both open and closed fittings were tested. When configured according to manufacturers’ recommended procedures, all devices produced ILD errors that varied with azimuth and increased with frequency. ITD errors were also common among products. Overall results suggest that spatial cue signal processing provided by hearing aids has not been optimized and that more research is needed before conclusions about benefit can be made.

Keywords: interaural level difference, spatial hearing, Hearing Aids, signal processing