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Conductive hearing loss after chronic suppurative otitis media surgery

Pavel Dimov

JHS 2011; 1(2): EA73-75

ID: 882064


Background: A study over the chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is done. 
Materials and methods: 10 years gathered material from diagnostics and operative treatment accomplished at over 186 patients with CSOM (77-epitympanitis and 109-mesotympanitis) is used. For examinations are applyed medical history, status, audiometry, tympanometry, image diagnostics (X-ray examination, CT, MRI). An oto-endoscope examination is introduced. 
Results: CSOM treatment - over 77 (41.4%) patients open and closed operative techniques are performed. Very good final functional results of patients’ recovery are obtained – 87.17% at the former and 86.84% at the second ones. The average value of ABG pre/post operation is 27.09 dB/17.42 dB at the curing operations. 70.09% of the cases show ABG ≤ 20 dB. At 109 (58.6%) patients reconstructive techniques (tympanoplasty type I, II, III) are performed. The average value of ABG pre/post operation was 24.79 dB/14.06 dB in the plastics done. 95% of the cases show ABG ≤ 20 dB. CSOM training: internet page www.prootology.domino.bg in ENT specialty and 18 scientific meetings are held; the 4 cadaver dissections in the otosurgeons training are organized. 
Conclusion: The audiological functional results received are comparable with those of leading otosurgeons at home and in the European Union (EU). A training and qualification is pursued throughout contemporary forms and instruments of education, compatible with the rules and requirements of EU.

Keywords: conductive hearing loss, chronic supurative otitis media, Cholesteatoma