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Screening using a speech-in-noise 3-digit hearing test by phone: scoring, response time, and age.

Emilie R Vormes, Bruno Frachet, Vincent Pean, Sofie Jansen, Jan Wouters

JHS 2011; 1(2): EA

ID: 882088


Background: A screening speech in noise-test made of digit-triplets by phone has been launched in February 2009 in France. 58000 calls were made within 2 years.
The results of the screening (good, insufficient, poor) were consistent with previous studies by the test promoter. (K.U. Leuven). As this test was mainly designed for seniors, we wanted to know if the results were age-dependent. We decided to study the variations of response time. Study sample: A random sample of 1000 calls among 58000 calls.
Materials and methods: The callers have been studied for age, response-time, number and sequence of errors. Statistics were made (ANOVA)
Results: Response time increases with age, incorrect answer and low signal/noise ratio. Response time is independent of the group in which belongs the caller (good, insufficient or poor)
Conclusion: The 3digits-test by phone is valid for hearing screening-test. We want to match it with immediate memory tests and cognitive assessments.

Keywords: Screening speech in noise-test, digit triplets, age, response-time., screening speech in noise test, digit-triplets, response-time