p-ISSN 2083-389x   e-ISSN 2084-3127


Audiometry in an expanded frequency range for diagnosis of hearing loss.

Jamol I Kholmatov, Ravshan U Bobojonov, Abdukholic A Mahahmadiev

JHS 2011; 1(3): EA85-86

ID: 882172

Published: 2011-12-19

At the present day there are many audiometric tests used in diagnostics of hearing pathologies , among which extended high-frequency audiometry (EHFA) by air-conduction and bone-conduction according to the method of professor B. M. Sagalovich becomes more popular [1]. The EHFA method allows to reveal a sensorineural component of hearing loss among patients with the latent forms of hearing loss at early stages. Extension of the frequency range allows to find out the earliest function shifts in the inner ear, which cannot be detected in the usual frequency range (0,125-8 kHz). This allows to investigate the dynamics of reaction of the receptor apparatus on the development of pathological process in the whole auditory pathway. Thanks to this method it is possible to plan the ways of treatment and prophylaxis of any acoustic disorder which leads to the invalidism in long-term period of time.

Keywords: Audiometry, На сегодняшний день для диагностики патологий слуха предложено много аудиометрических тестов, среди которых всё большее значение прио, Б. М. Сагаловича