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Report on the 9th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery

Marek Porowski

JHS 2012; 2(4): SR68-68

ID: 889090

Published: 2013-02-25

An international conference on issues related to cholesteatoma was held in Nagasaki, Japan, between 3 and 7 June, 2012. In the main, the conference brought together Japanese and regional researchers, but there were also a large group of doctors from America and Europe. Professor Haruo Takahashi, of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
at the University of Nagasaki, was president and chief organiser of the conference. As well as cholesteatoma the conference also covered the epidemiology of different diseases around the world, pathophysiology, and surgical procedures in children and adults.

Keywords: Cholesteoma, Cholesteatoma, ear surgery, Nagasaki