p-ISSN 2083-389x   e-ISSN 2084-3127


The perception of size and shape of resonant objects

Niamh O'Meara, Stefan Bleeck

(Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom)

JHS 2013; 3(4): OA19-30

DOI: 10.17430/890115

Published: 2014-03-11

Background: We investigated the ability of naïve, untrained listeners to identify physical parameters from listening to single impulse sound that 3D polystyrene objects generate as result of an impact collision. 
Material and Methods: Twenty objects of various shapes and sizes were used in three experiments investigating relative and absolute size and shape perception. 
Results: Results show that listeners were able to a degree to identify the size and the shape of objects without reference and in relation to each other. Multidimensional scaling suggests that shape (most salient) and size (second most salient) are the predominant perceptual dimensions. 

Keywords: shape perception, Size Perception, Auditory Perception