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Rapid onset sensorineural hearing loss secondary to bilateral cerebral melanoma metastases to the cerebellopontine angle.

Rhona Sproat, Mahmood Bhutta, Neil Rane, Pablo Martinez-Devesa

(ENT department, Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, United Kingdom)

JHS 2014; 4(1): CS41-46

DOI: 10.17430/890437

Published: 2014-05-14

Background: We describe a case of bilateral cerebellopontine angle melanoma metastases in the context of a literature re­view. The case is a rare presentation of sensorineural hearing loss and an unusual site of metastasis for malignant melanoma.
Case Report: A 54-year-old man presented with sudden deafness. Bilateral melanoma metastases were confirmed with MRI and lumbar puncture. He died 3 months after treatment.
Conclusions: Melanoma metastasis should be considered as a differential for sensorineural hearing loss. A review of the liter­ature found that the median survival of patients with bilateral cerebellopontine angle metastatic melanoma is 6 months post-treatment. At surgery these tumours are largely unresectable from cranial nerves VII and VIII. Surgical intervention is un­likely to result in survival or symptomatic benefit and the focus of treatment should be on maintaining quality of life. Hearing rehabilitation and gamma knife surgery may have a role.

Keywords: Cerebellopontine, Hearing, Melanoma