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Screening Checklist for Auditory Processing in Adults (SCAP-A): Development and preliminary findings

Ramya Vaidyanath, Asha Yathiraj

(Department of Audiology, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, India)

JHS 2014; 4(1): OA27-37

DOI: 10.17430/890788

Published: 2014-05-14

Background: Auditory processing deficits can exist in older adults who have normal hearing sensitivity. However, checklists to screen for the condition are sparse. Hence, the study aimed to develop two screening checklists to identify auditory processing deficits in older adults, one for the individual and one for the family. The study also aimed to compare the responses on the two checklists.
Material and Methods: Through an interview, data were collected using the two developed checklists. The checklists, with 12 questions each, tapped auditory separation/closure, auditory integration, temporal ordering, as well as memory and attention. The checklists were administered on 102 participants aged 55 to 75 years and on 84 family members.
Results: It was found that 98% of the individuals had difficulty on at least one item of the checklist. Values on the kappa measure of agreement were higher when a 2-point rating scale was used instead of a 3-point one. Responses of older individuals formed five clusters, while those of the family members formed four. Responses to questions within each of the clusters varied; despite this variation, questions that were rated high or low were similar on the two checklists.
Conclusions: The study revealed that a large number of older individuals have symptoms of auditory processing disorders, and the checklists help to detect them. Validation of the checklists, which is in progress, would confirm their utility in detecting subjects with auditory processing difficulties.

Keywords: Older individuals, screening checklist, auditory processing deficits, Memory